.     2021
Eminent Gym SG
Eminent Gym Singapore wants to develop its own members' portal and mobile application. The gym also introduced a new fitness tracking wearable for its members to track their training results on the app. We are tasked to revamp their brand experience by renewing their website.
To have an in-depth understanding of our client's product, we trained at the gym (Yes, we did!) The next question we had to ask ourselves was what can we do to make EG stand out from the sea of gyms in Singapore? So we did our competitive research, worked closely with our UI/UX designers to explore existing gym websites, ran through the technical requirements with our programmers and
Taking a class with Eminent Gym is all about the adrenaline rush and feel good factor from a fruitful work out. We sweat it out and have lots of fun at the same time. We knew definitely that a sense of movement was necessary in EG's website. Our designers figured that the best way to portray this sense of motion and dynamism was to go BIG with our client's showreel.
Equipped with our client's refreshed logo, we were also able to feature the iconic "E" in a prominent manner. The branding idea behind this is simple - we wanted our gym goers to look at the "E" and know it's Eminent.
Coupled with our client's own photo library, it's mix and match time. A dark theme with a hint of their corporate colours was perfect in making the colour coded features pop, giving prominence to the gym's unique selling points. A 3D gym layout also showcased the gym's new facilities clearly.
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